Call for scientific articles

Call for scientific articles

Date : 20/01/2014
Subject : Call for papers
Call for scientific articles

The organizers of the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives invite cooperators, authors and researchers to submit empirical or theoretical articles by February 28, 2014.

Solicited article themes

Scientific articles must tie in with the main theme “Cooperatives’ Power of Innovation” and one of the 5 following sub-themes:

  • Developing cooperative and mutual businesses
  • Financing and capitalization for cooperatives and mutuals
  • Food security through cooperatives and mutuals
  • Access to health and social care services through cooperatives and mutuals
  • Solutions to the global employment crisis offered by cooperatives and mutuals

Selected contributions must further discussions and reflection and help identify solutions to address the development and performance challenges facing cooperatives and mutuals.

Special attention will be paid to research carried out in the past year. The selection committee will carefully review new articles as well as articles published in journals with limited circulation (e.g., published in a single country). In this way, local contributions can be made available to an international readership.

Selected articles in French, English, and Spanish will be compiled in a volume to be published in advance and given to Summit participants at no charge on a USB key.

All authors who submit articles will be eligible for a 15% discount on Summit registration fees. Researchers whose article has been selected and who wish to attend the event will receive a 40% discount.

About the scientific articles selected for the 2012 Summit

The articles selected for the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives tied in with the theme “The Amazing Power of Cooperatives” and one of the following four sub-themes:

  1. The performance of the cooperative and mutualist business model
  2. The role of cooperatives and mutuals in the global economy
  3. The evolution of the cooperative and mutualist business model
  4. The global socio-political influence of cooperatives and mutuals.

These articles are presented in a publication entitled The Amazing Power of Cooperatives. Texts selected from the international call for paper proposals

Publication terms and conditions

A committee of international experts will review the articles. Selected candidates will be notified by April 11, 2014.

Submission of articles and deadline

Scientific articles must be sent to Lou Hammond at no later than 10 p.m. EST on February 28, 2014.

More about this call for scientific articles (themes, call for papers’ description and submission guidelines)

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