2016 Edition

Cooperatives: The Power to Act

Under the theme of Cooperatives: The Power to Act, the 2016 Summit will show the real impact of cooperatives and mutuals at the local, national and international levels, along with the pivotal role they play in terms of the key global issues listed in the United Nations' post-2015 development agenda.

A four-stage program:

  1. Acknowledging socioeconomic and geopolitical trends

World renowned speakers will explore the financial, economic and social landscapes. What are the challenges that businesses will have to face, and what business opportunities will they generate?

  1. Increasing our capacity to act – cross-sector business opportunities​ and challenges

Forums will provide participants with tools intended to enhance their power to act on common cross-sector challenges. Experts from a variety of relevant fields will take the stage to present world-class studies.

  1. Expanding our economic power – sectoral challenges

Participants will delve into the core of their respective sectors to share their experiences and challenges. These forums will also encourage the sharing of strategies that could lead to business partnerships, while speakers, panelists and ground-breaking studies will shed new light on sectoral issues and best practices.

  1. Cooperatives in action to address global challenges

Thousands of participants will take part in workshops with a view to consolidating their power to act by sharing their ideas, passions and points of view to develop a series of actions that cooperatives and mutuals can implement as part of the United Nations’ post-2015 development agenda. As an introduction to the workshops, panelists will set out the key issues related to major global challenges.

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