Eco‑responsible event

The International Summit of Cooperatives is an eco‑responsible event

Here are some of the measures put in place to reduce the event’s environmental footprint:

Offsetting carbon emissions

The Summit is offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions (GSE) through the purchase of educational carbon credits from the Scol’ERE Carbon Scholarship Program. These credits are the outcome of a process recognized by an advisory committee lead by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ). Purchasing educational carbon creditsTM has a two‑fold value and a sustainable impact: it makes it possible to offset greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of avoided CO2 equivalents and it contributes to the funding of an innovative project focused on the education of and action by Quebec youth in the fight against climate change.

Watch the Scol’ERE Carbon Scholarship Program explanatory video.

Québec City Convention Centre

  • The Convention Centre is a certified LEED‑EB facility with high environmental management standards, especially with respect to water and energy. Part of the Centre, section 300, was renovated in 2014 and has been certified at the LEED-CI Gold level;
  • Collection and recycling of recyclable and compostable materials;
  • Recycling goal of at least 80% of residual and compostable materials produced by all of its convention activities;
  • Use of sustainable tableware, water pitchers, reusable water bottles and bulk dispensers to considerably reduce the quantity of waste generated;
  • Redistribution of surplus food.

Summit organizing committee

  • Reduced travel through teleconferences for the organizing committee;
  • Promotional brochures produced locally, printed on post-consumption, recycled high‑fiber‑content paper;
  • Use of digital communications with participants;
  • Choosing cooperatives, social enterprises or local suppliers, when possible;
  • Limited and eco‑responsible promotional items, when possible;
  • Banners and posted materials recovered at the end of the event to be reused or recycled.