Combining economic and social power to act for a better future


International Seminar on Co-operatives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). An event co-organized by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), OCB, Unimed do Brazil and OCESP.

 “We need to develop a plural economy. A solid society is composed of three pillars: a democratic government, dynamic companies and in the middle, a very strong co-operative sector, combining business and people. It is about bridging the economy and the society. The co-operative movement in the world is huge: 3 million enterprises, over 250 million jobs serving over 1 billion members. Sometimes we are indeed too quiet, we need to communicate more about what we are doing. The process of the SDGs is very important, and we are the first economic group in the world to support them. With the seminar, we will be able to reinforce this momentum to strengthen our support to the SDGs.” -Monique F. Leroux, President of the International Cooperation Alliance

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