2016 Program

Take part in the Summit Rendez-vous

The Summit Rendez-vous is a unique opportunity to address other themes of interest to different sectors of the cooperative and mutualist community. World- renowned organizations will meet and hold board or annual general meetings. Forums, conferences, workshops and discussion groups will also be held during the Summit Rendez-vous. The Rendez-vous represent a golden opportunity for the Summit’s participants to improve their knowledge and expand their network. Taking part in the Rendez-vous allows you to fully maximize your presence and the meetings held in the framework of this Summit of international caliber.

Some Rendez-vous are by invitation only. The people concerned will receive a convocation. The other Rendez-vous are open to all and we encourage you to register early in order to reserve your spot.

This list of Rendez-vous is updated regularly. Do not hesitate to consult it frequently to stay up to date with new Rendez-vous proposed. It is possible to cancel, change and add one or more registration to your Rendez-vous. To proceed, please use the code that has been sent to you after your registration to the Summit.

Click here if you want to organize a Rendez-vous.