Results of the Five Workshops

Results of the Five Workshops on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Outlook to 2030

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In total, the participants identified 748 projects underway1 and project ideas2. This was a great success for a world premiere. 

The following workshops came up with:


Food security​

Projects underway1: 85

Project ideas2: 68



Projects underway1: 89

Project ideas2: 60


Access to health care​

Projects underway1: 35

Project ideas2:  72


Poverty – financial inclusion​

Projects underway1: 136

Project ideas2: 98


Climate change​

Projects underway1: 58

Project ideas2: 47


Total number of projects underway: 403

Total number of project ideas:  345

Grand total : 748

Download the list of all of the “projects underway” and the “project ideas”, grouped by workshop and challenges. Some of the projects or ideas were identified with a cooperative, mutual or international organization. Many were not. If you recognize your project underway or project idea, and it is not identified, please write and let us know at:

You have until December 31 to do so.

Afterwards, we would like to prepare a catalogue of concrete projects based on the projects underway1, in collaboration with interested cooperatives and mutuals. The goal is to accurately illustrate the actions of cooperatives for tabling in the UN by:

  1. listing what is already being done in connection with the 17 sustainable development goals
  2. inspiring other cooperatives and mutuals to set up similar projects; and
  3. providing the tools necessary for the implementation and monitoring of these projects.

In regard to the project ideas2, our intention would be to set up a bank of projects to be piloted with the support of international organizations, the UN and the International Co-operative Alliance. Thus, we will ask you to:

  • identify the ideas that are most likely to succeed; and
  • seek the collaboration of cooperatives and mutuals that would agree to pilot them.