Andrew So Kwok Wing

Founding President

Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU)

« In my opinion, the power of innovation of cooperatives and mutuals is...»

Their work in shaping principles and management strategies that permit businesses to deliver responsible and sustainable growth in a world of many civilizations.


Andrew So Kwok Wing is, since 1971, the Founding President of the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions and has played an active role as a credit union worker since 1963. He was Managing Director of the Credit Union League of Hong (inception-74) and Director of CUNA International/ World Council of Credit Unions (69-81). Mr. So Kwok Wing also served as International Vice President for Asia and Africa with CUNA Mutual Group from 1974 to 1994 and was a Member of the Hong Kong Legislature from 1978 to 1985, as well as The Ombudsman of Hong Kong from 1994 to 1999.  He received the following awards: Justice of the Peace (JP); Officer of the British Empire (OBE) and Silver Bauhinia Star (SBS).

Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU)

The Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions is the regional networking body for credit unions in Asia. Its mission is to work in partnership with its member organizations to promote and strengthen credit unions as effective instruments of socioeconomic development for Asians.

As of June 2013, ACCU has 12 regular members, 18 affiliate members, and 59 supporting members. ACCU works in 25 countries in Asia, including countries in transition like Lao PDR, Mongolia, and Cambodia.

ACCU is very proud to represent 44.4 million individual members from 22,712 credit unions in 22 countries. Thanks to their self-reliance and mutual assistance, the Asian people own assets totaling US$122.4 billion. ACCU is a member of the Proxfin international network.