Appeal for the management of social innovation: the case of joint interest cooperative companies in France

Pénélope Codello


Reflections and works are developed around the definition of social innovation (EMES network and the trend of social innovation in the United States). We know very little about how this social innovation is produced, such as works on the context of technological innovation, and what exactly these firms do in terms of social innovation. What ultimately guarantees that a cooperative will innovate socially? Do cooperatives innovate socially without knowing it, like Monsieur Jourdain? Or rather, is it necessary to think about the management of social innovation? We have thus deemed it important to provoke reflection on our research work in order to advocate some sort of awareness about the importance of considering managerial configurations that are adapted to the challenge of social innovation. As a basis for our work, we will use two case studies of French cooperatives that allow us to highlight the challenges of thinking about a specific management style.

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