Commercial practices supporting Argan products as a performance leverage in women’s cooperatives in the Souss-Massa region of Essaouira

Soumia Omari


Our study aims to better understand the commercial practices used in argan production
cooperatives in order to examine how the creation of these cooperatives promotes sustainable
development in the Souss-Massa region and the province of Essaouira, Morocco. We begin by
presenting the characteristics of these cooperatives. We then examine their internal environment in
detail based on a questionnaire to the argan cooperative leaders. The results of the survey show
that clients pay increasingly attention to the quality of local products and their packaging. In addition,
the development of production methods and tighter quality control are reassuring factors for
customers in terms of the quality of argan products. Finally, we look at the impact of training
cooperative members on the cooperative’s performance and competitivity.

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