Construction of a solidarity territory from a psychosocial perspective with a chief emphasis on health care and community self-management in the Nuevo Occidente community of Medellin, Columbia, South America

Pastor Emilio Pérez Villa


The macro objective of this study is to design a model focused on comprehensive health assistance for
families, social innovation for peace and the promotion of Solidarity-oriented Territories and healthy
environments, from the perspective of primary health assistance (in Spanish, APS) and community selfmanagement,
which may be replicated in other areas and communities in the country. An interpretive
approach has been selected in carrying out this research and, in order to achieve its goals, a
methodological design based on the intervention model was used.This research is ongoing, but a
situation of marginality and exclusion endured by the inhabitants of the community may be presented
as a result. The comprehensive action model, from the APS and community self-management of the
Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC), would be the interventions’ guiding point of reference,
which would provide identity to the social projection actions undertaken by the University, enabling the
execution of processes with the communities, the evaluation of their results and their impact, and the
creation of Solidarity-oriented Territories.

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